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The Anaesthetic Clinic @ Alvernia

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Who is your Anaesthetist?

An anaesthetist, or anaesthesiologist, is a specialist doctor responsible for providing anaesthesia to patients for operations and procedures. In addition anaesthetists have a range of practice which extends beyond anaesthesia for surgery to include pain management and intensive care.

Anesthesiologists are often treated as the patient's advocate in the operating room, keeping the patient stable during the procedure and informing the surgeon if the patient develops problems which could influence the procedure.

Before any intended surgery, the anaesthetist meets the patient to discuss the procedure and the type of anaesthetic that will be required. The anaesthetist must determine whether or not the patient is fit for an anaesthetic and surgery, and he or she will develop an anaesthestic plan that best suits the situation.

There are various types of anaesthesia including general anaesthesia, conscious sedation, regional anaesthesia, and local anaesthesia.

Postoperative pain management is also important, and you anaesthetist will also help ensure you are as pain-free as possible. An anaesthetist is also commonly involved in the management of pain such as that associated with labor and delivery.

Anaesthetists tend to have a very keen eye for detail and precision, and they are also extremely good at math and very calm under stress. Anaesthesia training involves an extensive education in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology.

Anaesthesia is a vital part of any surgical practice, allowing surgeons to operate safely and painlessly on patients. The variety of anaesthetic techniques and drugs available allow anaesthesiologists to select the most suitable method for each patient. Many people will experience some form of anaesthesia during their lifetime, and will appreciate the professionalism and expertise of a well trained anaesthetist. 



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